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Bibliotecas para KICAD / KICAD Libraries

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Component Componente Module  Módulo  3D Wings Files Schematic Esquema  Board Circuit Circuito impresso Category Categoría Information
Author Autor

Classified by function / Classificado por função

Amp Op / Comparadores
Vários OPA no formato IEEE 
Christian Gajda
LM339 (and LM139 LM239 LM2901 LM3302) encapsulamentos DIL/SO

LM4674 audio classe "D" amplifier from National Semiconductor. Charlie
Monolithic Thermocouple Amplifiers AD594 AND AD595
David Escobar Sanabria
Analog switches
Various analog switches in IEEE format View list
Christian Gajda

Capacitors Module/footprint of some through hole capacitor Bernd Wiebus

Module/footprint of some SMD capacitors (2512/1206/0608) Bernd Wiebus

Footprints of Elko capacitors Bernd Wiebus

Epcos MKT, components, footprints and 3D Alain Portal
Hardware codecs
Female connector FFC/FPC 1.0mm 18 pins
Jonathan Bittoum
Connector USB-B
Pete / Danilo Uccelli
3M headers low profile SMD 2500 series (10 to 64 pins)
Danilo Uccelli
RJ45 (8 pins)
Michel Vansaingèle
Snap (Imsys 72 pins)
Michel Vansaingèle

SMA connectors Frans Schreuder

Omron XG4A and XG4C familiyconnectors Geert Jordaens

Centronics 36-pins female connector Samy Nascimento

Connectors DIN 41612 View list Bernd Wiebus

Edge mount SMA connectors (Components, footprints and 3D) Jean Olivier Simoneau
Packs of 2 and 4 protection diodes
Transil (bi-directional) protection diode

Diodes through Hole Bernd Wiebus

Diodes SMD Bernd Wiebus
LCD S5038 8 x 7 segments Display
Various 7 segments displays and bargraph
Vincent Vocanson

Various classical displays : GDM1601A, PC0802-A, HDD44780, MCG1602D, PC2002A-O, PC2004A-L Charlie
Quadruple differential line driver, AM26LS31/32 (TI)
RS422 line driver 75LBC179
Danilo Uccelli
Stepper motor drivers
Daniel Dumitru

Electro mechanical

Borniers: composants, empreintes + vues 3D
(Screw terminals with 3D view)
Yvon Tollens

Relay finder 4052 (avec tutorielwings en FR) Mic**
Relay V23092
Michel Vansaingèle
Dip switches from DIP01 to DIP10 and DIP12
Damian Mrugala

Dip switchs Charlie

12 keys Keyboard (Clavier 12 touches) Yvon Tollens

A whole set of electrical symbols (power, controls, motors and more) Yvon Tollens

Switch SHOGYO WMP, WPA, WPMS series Philippe Le gac

Switch ALPS, SPPJ2, SPPJ3, SPUJ, SPUN, SPUP series (Schematic and footprints) Philippe Le gac

Switch C&K Shadows F, PHA, PNL, PNS series Philippe Le gac

E-SWITCH LC12582259, LC2255, PBH, WBL series Philippe Le gac

Switch ITW Serie 100 Philippe Le gac

Switch KNITER MPBS series Philippe Le gac

Switch CHANNEL PS02 series Philippe Le gac

Switch SWITRONIC PS909, P10, PS-F, PS-e series Philippe Le gac

Switch TONELUCK MPN, PBA, PBN, SPN25, SPN32 series Philippe Le gac

Switch WELL BUYING a, M-B, MS-B, PD, T series Philippe Le gac

Two angeled BNC-Sockets Bernd Wiebus

Footprints of some buzzers and beepers Bernd Wiebus

Various relays and reed relays Gianni ROVEREDO

Various heatsink from 35x13mm to 62x40mm Bernd Wiebus

Universal ic socket DIP8/SO8 Bernd Wiebus

Various labels Bernd Wiebus

Test points Bernd Wiebus

Scales and targets Bernd Wiebus
Dual uart SC16IS7x2 (SPI mode) in TSSOP28 packages
Danilo Uccelli
Quad uart 16C754 in LQFP80 package
Danilo Uccelli
FTDI serial to USB (FT232BM)
FTDI parallel to USB (FT245BM)
Danilo Uccelli

FTDI module MM234R, USB-UART TTL FT232 Pierre Bourdin
USB IO Warrior (16 I/O)
DTMF transceiver MT8889CE (DIP/SOIC 20)
TTL IEEE Library (74.....)
Christian Gajda
CMOS IEEE Library (4xxx)
Christian Gajda
CMOS 4000 same library as original distribution but improved with 4511 device
Vincent Tourment
Atmel AVR uP: ATmega8 (package TQFP32)
Danilo Uccelli
Atmel AVR uP: ATmega8 (package DIL28)
Jérôme Kerdreux
Atmel AVR uP: ATmega16 ATmega32 (DIL 40)
David Escobar Sanabria

Atmel AVR uP: ATmega8535 Pierre Bourdin

Atmel AT89S52: Atmel 8051-like microcontroller Luciano Rodriguez
(package TQFP44)
Danilo Uccelli
Atmel AVR uP: ATmega64 (package TQFP64)
Danilo Uccelli
Atmel AVR uP: complete current ATtiny series (all packages)
Detlef Reichl
Microchip PIC18F2431
Microchip PIC18F2550
Hector Garcia
Microchip PIC18F4455 (DIP40)
Judson Wilson
Microchip PIC18F45J10 (DIP40)
Judson Wilson
Microchip PIC18F4550
Matthieu Texier

Microchip PIC18F4550 TQFP Mathieu Vassout

Microchio PIC18F67J60, PIC18F66J60, PIC18F66J65 Nicolas Vasconi

Philips ARM uP LPC11xx and LPC17xx Kerusey Karyu
Philips ARM uP LPC2138
Danilo Uccelli
Philips ARM uP LPC2148 (package LQFP64)
Gabriele Zanuttigh
Philips 80C51 uP P89C51Rxxx (package PLCC44)
Component: Luigi Nobili
STR710 ARM7TDMI (package LQFP144 or LFBGA144)
Jakub Walczak
Texas MSP430, all the 64 pins models
Peter Diener

PIC16F737 Sébastien Gallou

Atmel AVR 8bits, extended library:  List Kerusey Karyu

Texas Luminary Micro/TI LM3Sxxxx Cortex-M3 Rob (Maris Engineering)

Miscellaneous Discrete IC View list Bernd Wiebus

Symbols Similar EN60617 View list Bernd Wiebus

Chip card (Carte à puce) Gianni ROVEREDO

Fuseholders ThroughHole (5x20mm and 6x30mm) Bernd Wiebus

Symbols like Warnings licences etc... Bernd Wiebus

Fiducials Bernd Wiebus
Opto -Thyristor, -Triac, -Transistor, -Darlington
Christian Gajda

Symbols IC Opto View list  and some footprints Bernd Wiebus
Ceramic Resonator with integrated capacitors
Danilo Uccelli
Ceramic Resonator with integrated capacitors (revisited)

XO14S serie, quartz oscillator Charlie

Crystal packages HC35 to HC52, SMD and more Bernd Wiebus

Pasive Epcos varistors Geert Jordaens

National 3 endpoint USB transeiver USBN9603 Luciano Rodriguez

Potentiomètres (Potentiometers) Yvon Tollens

Beautiful set of inductors Yvon Tollens

Set of chokes Through Holes and SMD Bernd Wiebus

Common chokes Bernd Wiebus
SMD power package D2PAK (SOT404)
Danilo Uccelli
Power package MULTIWATT_11 (L620x)
Jakub Walczak
Transformers, Rectifiers, Regulators, etc
Christian Gajda

Power integrations chips LNK.., TNY.., TOP.. serie Kerusey Karyu

Symbols transformer View list Bernd Wiebus

DC/DC CINCON, TRACO, BOTHHAND, DELTA (symbols and footprints) Bernd Wiebus

TO220-5 Pentawatt footprints Bernd Wiebus

IR directFET SMD package (power transistors from International Rectifier) Bernd Wiebus

Radio Frequency Frenquency mixer SRA-1 Charlie

Xbee modules (Schematics, footprints and 3D views) Yvon Tollens

RFM70, 2.3GHz RF Tranceiver with Schematic, footprint and 3D Wojciech Zabolotny
ULN transistors arrays 
Judson Wilson

ON-Semiconductor NJL1302D and NJL3281D transistors Charlie

Valves A big set of valves  List Carlo Garberi

Unclassified packed library

I2C circuits
32 I2C interfaced chips (Nxp, Microchip, Analog Device and other...)
Yvon Tollens

I2C circuits DS1631, DS1803, DS3231, PCA9535,
TLE-4242-G, ULN2803
Jesús Genicio
Various functions
Maxim, Microchip, FTDI, Molex, and many other...
Cyril Frausti &
Various functions

Dmitri Belimov
Various functions
Many converted components library from various authors
Various functions

Pierre Launay
Various functions
Many components, footprints and beautiful 3D
Various functions
The distribution libraries revisited... and more
Carlo Garberi

Various functions Exar, Texas chips and many footprints of potentiometers Yvon Tollens

Various functions Italian site with many components, footprints and beautiful 3D, Look at the pictures,and download... Walter Lain

Various functions MONACOR components for speaker filters realization, with footprints and 3D Didier Schoonjans

Various functions These symbols are created with CsvToKicad, a small software, which can be found on sourceforge http://sourceforge.net/projects/csvtokicad/ Balwinder Singh

Example circuits

Logic and analogic circuits

10/100 divider using 4017

Analog Devices ADXL...Accelerometer implementation (Package LCC-8) Erlon Braga
Logic probe "Vampire"

Filtre actif basse fréquence, réalisation didactique
(Low frequency active filter)

Régulateur de charge accu. à 1 transistor.
(One transistor battery loader)

Sonde pour carte son stéréo français
(Stereo probe for sound board) english

Alimentation 12V à découpage, utilisable comme chargeur de batterie.
(12V step down switched power supply, usable as battery loader.)
Download here all thecomponents, footprints and 3D views
Yvon Tollens

Alimentation élevatrice  12 V >>> 20 V
(Step up power supply 12V to 20V)
Download here all thecomponents, footprints and 3D views
Yvon Tollens

Micro émetteur FM
(FM micro emitter)
Yvon Tollens

Programmateur de PIC, version Kicad du projet
(Kicad version of Pic programmer)
Yvon Tollens

Kicad implementation of Aurel, Mipot radio modules Yvon Tollens

Chargeur de batterie pour moto (Motor cycle battery charger) Yvon Tollens

Réalisation complète d'un "Robot bug" (Programmable en BASCOM-AVR) Mic**

Schematics and prints using the NE555 as monostable Mic**

Schematics and prints using the NE555 as astable Mic**

Réalisation de Noël (Christmas tree) Mic**

ATTINI13 SOIC module (schematic, print and 3D) Mic**

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